Firecrest Eclipse Filters


Firecrest Eclipse Filters

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WARNING! Under no circumstances should these filters be used to view a solar eclipse with the naked eye. These products are STRICTLY for on-camera use. These filters do not offer the same level of optical protection as solar eclipse viewing glasses and using these to look directly at the sun before, during or after a solar eclipse could permanently damage your eyesight.

Formatt-Hitech will not be held liable for any costs, associated expenses or medical claims relating to damage to your eyesight as a result of improper use of these filters. 


Firecrest Eclipse Filters

  • Incredibly neutral thanks to Firecrest multi-coating technology
  • Bonded to ensure the coating is protected giving the filter a longer lifespan than non-bonded, coated filters
  • Lapped & polished to deliver unparalleled clarity
  • Custom developed for shooting solar eclipse with no colour cast or loss of sharpness
  • Will also work as ultra long exposure filters
    • Available in the following ultra-dark densities custom designed to allow for wider aperture and longer exposures when shooting directly at the sun. 
      • 5.4 (18 Stops)
      • 6.0 (20 Stops)
      • 6.6 (22 Stops)
      • 7.2 (24 Stops)
    • Available in the following sizes
      • 37mm Circular
      • 58mm Circular
      • 67mm Circular
      • 77mm Circular
      • 82mm Circular
      • 95mm Circular
      • 100x100mm Square
      • 100x100mm Square + 100mm Firecrest Holder Kit

    Top Tip

    Due to the extremely long exposure times these filters make possible, the risk of light leaking in through the camera body and manifesting in your shot is high. We recommend that you take steps to mask the eyepieces/viewfinders and and ports to prevent this from happening. Many photographers use a low adhesive black tape for this purpose however it is your responsibility to ensure that anything you affix to your camera will not cause damage to the camera body or functionality. Another option is wrapping the camera in a thick black cloth although you should leave some areas of the body exposed to dissipate heat. 

    Even with the extreme density of these filters, we recommend you contact your camera manufacturer to assess the suitability of your camera for shooting directly into the sun. Formatt-Hitech will not be held liable for any damage caused by continued exposure of your camera sensor to direct sunlight with or without our filters in place.

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