Your Firecrest 100mm Holder is getting closer......

Firecrest 100mm Holder - Balance Payment

This is the final payment to secure your Firecrest 100mm Holder. 

Shipping has already been paid as part of your deposit payment so this is the balance of the holder, £97.49, plus VAT where applicable. 

When making your payment, please ensure you use the email address you used when placing the order to enable us to link your balance payment to your deposit. 

* If you haven't paid a deposit, please return to to place your order. 

No orders can be processed from here without a corresponding deposit order in our system.

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Thank you for paying your deposit to secure one of the first of our amazing new Firecrest 100mm filter holders.

Your holder will be ready to ship during the week commencing 5th September so we now need to take the rest of the payment.  You have already paid £32.50 + VAT and the shipping charge, so the balance to be paid is £97.49 + VAT (Where applicable). 

Please click ADD TO CART to make your final payment. Please ensure you use the same email you used when paying your deposit.

Thank you for your custom and congratulations, you are now a matter of days away from owning best filter holder on the market. 

If you have any questions on operation in the meantime, please check the "rough cut" video below (final one to follow shortly) or write to

This is a rough cut of the upcoming instructional video for our new filter holder. Visit for more information on the revolutionary new Firecrest 100mm FIlter Holder. The most effective holder on the market for reducing light leak during long exposure and landscape photography!