Chris Beight - New Zealand 

Hi I’m Chris, I was born In New Zealand and currently live in Sydney, Australia running my own businesses as a strength and performance coach, photographer and adventure travel consultant.

I'm a runner, climber, barbell lifter-uperer, hiker, athlete, mountaineer, nerd, self-proclaimed comedian and a naturalist (not to be confused with nudist). I like dressing up as a superhero sometimes, pretending I'm a dinosaur, I shave my legs and have been known to cry in Pixar movies.

Photography is a huge passion of mine and enables me to combine a unique and creative skill-set with my huge love of the outdoors. 

In my eyes, the perfect combination!


Mikkel Beiter - Denmark

I'm a landscape, travel and wildlife photographer from Copenhagen, Denmark.

My great passion in photography is within the genres landscape and wildlife photography. To achieve my goals and to challenge myself I often spent my holidays travelling to different parts of the world with my camera and the journey has just begun!

I have spent a great amount of time in Africa to get close to the African wildlife and when it comes to landscape photography I really enjoy the vast and beautiful landscape in the Arctic Circle, specially the Lofoten archipelago in northern Norway.

Beside Norway I've been to the Faroe Islands and Iceland to catch this special northern Europe/Scandinavian vibe.


Vieri Bottazzini - Italy

A Leica Ambassador, Formatt-Hitech Ambassador and Associate of the British Institute of Professional Photography, since 2010 I combined my passion for photography with my love for the wilderness by dedicating myself exclusively to Fine Art Landscape photography.

With 25 years of teaching experience, I firmly believe that Workshops are the best way to share my enthusiasm for photography and for the Earth’s beauty with like-minded people. My favourite destinations are the American Southwest, Scotland, United Kingdom, Turkey and, of course, Italy.

When I am not around the world photographing, teaching, lecturing or adjudicating competitions, I work on my photographs, prepare my Fine Art prints and write about photography.


Ireneusz Ciejka - Republic of ireland 

My name is Irek Ciejka. I live in the Republic of Ireland. 

I like to create, and photography is my personal way to be creative. Although it may sound like a banal, when shooting, I just trying to show the world as I see it: its universal beauty and sometimes subjective ugliness, its complex simplicity and often simple complexity. My favourite genres are nature photography and landscape. In my works, however, they often mix together to create unique expression of the living world.

I started my photographic journey four years ago and I believe that being pro might be a part of my future. My main camera is Pentax K-1 DSLR but I also use film cameras, both 135 and medium format.


Nigel Cooke - Northern Ireland 

After over 10 years as a professional sports photographer, at the end of 2015, I returned to my first passion for Landscape Photography.

I'm never more at home than by the sea or in the woods, and I love how the process of landscape photography has allowed me to slow down and really appreciate the world around me.

A new adventure starts in January 2018 with the arrival of a camper van when, along with my wife and cat, we plan to travel indefinity exploring both the UK and Ireland as well as further afield. 

Antonio De Rosa AIC.jpg

Antonio De Rosa - Italy 

Antonio De Rosa born in Naples, at the age of 15 he start to work on set as Camera assistant and Camera Operator until 2009 when he begin to work as DP.

He studied Cinematography  from The Master of Light like Roger Deakins and Vittorio Storaro, he become a Member of AIC & IMAGO (Italian Association of Cinematographer) at 24, he is specialized in Digital Technology for Cinema

“I love to speak with lights and shadows and to be better day by day trying to illustrate any story with my images.”


Rob Drissen - Holland

Rob Driessen, for some known as Ruby Blue was born in 1973 in Nijmegen, Holland.

Rob Driessen works in the subliminal space of the photographic. His art explores extreme opposites and strives to merge them into a single, cohesive expression. 
His works are beautifully bizarre, often evoking a sense of insecurity and danger in the observer.
It's the ambivalence, mystery and intensity inherent in the works that generates an unsettling energy that he finds beautiful and challenging. He strives to create images that simultaneously represent loneliness, solitude, harmony, dissonance.


Freddy Enguix - Spain

My name is Federico “Freddy” Enguix and I’m a professional landscapes, tourism and fine art photographer.

I love to do wide panoramas showcasing breathless scenarios, working a lot with natural light. This is why I use all kind of technology to manipulate and to capture the light in the way I want.

 Formatt-Hitech filters has got amazing filters to help me achieve that, directly in the scene, like no one else. I always carry ND, Polarizers and GND in my backpack.I invite you all to take a look at my website to fall in love with those wonderful scenarios.





Jennifer Fast - Canada 

Jenn is a passionate landscape and travel photographer residing in the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Canada.

Her love for photography developed as early as age 7, and her first job as a teenager was working at an independent photography studio where she saved up enough money to purchase her first DSLR. She began photographing professionally, primarily portraits and music events. Her passion for landscape and travel photography evolved as a result of exploring her dramatic backyard and spending early mornings and late nights chasing sunrise and sunset at beautiful locations, waiting for just the right light to emerge.

Her interests include hiking, travel, writing, website design, music, and exploring.


Javi Flores - Spain

I was born in San Sebastian, Spain in 1987. I started in 2007 when I bought my first camera and I was learning in a self-taught way. In these 10 years I have not stopped learning, specializing in landscape photography passionate about the use of filters and long exposure photography.

With time came national awards and publications in media such as Digital Camera, National Geographic or the Sony world photography awards.


Bernard Geraghty - Ireland

My name is Bernard Geraghty. I'm a professional Landscape Photographer from Ireland.

I started photography relatively recently (October 2015), totally by chance, on advice from a friend.

After buying my first camera the bug just bit me. I'm happy to say after taking to photography like a duck takes to water I now run my own company "Bernard Geraghty Landscape Tours", running tours and workshops all over Ireland, U.K, Iceland, Lofoten, The Dolomites, Faroe Islands with more places on the way for 2018.


Christian Hering-Junghans - Germany

Christian is a research group leader in chemistry, but also a passionate hobby photographer chasing natural beauty all over the world.

He specialises in capturing the phenomena of the night such as the Aurora Borealis or the Milky Way and will trade sleep to capture a fierce sunrise or sunset. Based in Northern Germany he is often found at the Baltic Sea, capturing seascapes and the ever changing coastal environment.

Working with water a lot Christian often uses ND filters, to play with the dynamics of the elements in order to capture special sceneries.


Jordan Hastie - Scotland

Jordan is a self-taught outdoor photographer and artist born in Edinburgh, Scotland, whose work is specialised in extreme sport, lifestyle, travel and wildlife subjects. His images are established by intuitive lighting abilities, exclusive angles, fleeting movements and of course obsessive adventure seeking.

Throughout Jordan's childhood, he has always had a strong passion for nature and the outdoors so striving to document the spirit of adventure and the simple placement of human in contrast to nature is his prime passion, often achieved by searching for outlandish landscapes and extremely remote areas of the globe.


Kieran Hayes - Ireland

Hello I am Kieran and I live in stunning West Cork, Ireland.

I am a professional photographer that works in a number of genres from Landscape, Fashion & Commercial product photography through to Portrtaiture all around Ireland.

My heart belongs in seascape photography as I live for the sea at my feet and the salt air in my lungs, those moments I get to steal away from the world and submerse myself in nature.

I also run a lot of photography workshops along the coastline which is a real bonus as its never work when you love doing it.

Photography is not a job its more of a way of life for me.

See you out there.


Steven Hanna - Ireland

Steven is an award winning landscape & wedding photographer from Cullybackey in Co Antrim, Northern Ireland.  A husband to Lynne and father to Sofia, Steven’s photographic passion is the coast, in particular, the rugged coastline of Ireland.

His work has been exhibited across Northern Ireland and his images bring home the beauty of the sweeping landscapes that Northern Ireland has to offer.

Steven also leads photographic workshops each year along the stunning Causeway Coast and his fourth photography book ’The Causeway Coast’ has just been released..  Steven is also the current PPANI Landscape Photographer Of The Year for 2017.


Paul Hamilton

A British photographer self taught from the age of Fourteen, born and raised in South London with a Distinction of the Royal Photographic Society.

Embracing two era's in photography through traditional analogue film and Digital RAW image capture with work published Worldwide for Fine Art Coastal, Landscape, Abstract ICM, Multiple and Long exposure imagery.

For me, there is something magically mysterious about where land meets the sea and I am fortunate to witness this everyday by residing on the Kentish Coast in England, UK and the paradise Island of Palawan in the Philippines, voted the World's best.


Glen Hocking - Australia

I'm predominantly a fine art Landscape/Seascape Photographer now based out of the Dandenong Rangers Vic Australia. (Previously Mornington Peninsula Vic Australia)

Landscape Photography for me has been somewhat a rebirth, In 2015 I did a brief stint in a graphic design course I then decided pretty fast that it wasn't for me but I had always liked art and wanted to do something creative so to cut a long story very short... I picked up a camera after seeing beautiful images of my local area, I didn't know much on how to use one but I just knew what I wanted to do was Photography and to make beautiful images of my own. 

Over the last 2 years, I've worked tirelessly to do just that.. make images I'm proud of & always try to push myself creatively and just enjoy doing it.

Brian Kerr Profile Pic 1_resized.jpg

Brian Kerr - Scotland

"I am a landscape photographer from Dumfries in the South of Scotland, but now living just over the border in the city of Carlisle.

As a landscape photographer we have areas we prefer to photograph, and luckily enough I am situated in the middle of the UK which allows me to get to areas such as the Lake District, the Scottish Highlands , the Welsh mountains and of course the beautiful coastline of Northumberland.

If you follow my work you will notice that trees play a big part in my photography, every tree is completely different and each one offers completely different possibilities."

Sean Headshot Dunblane - IMG_0842 600px.jpg

Seán Kerr -Scotland

Seán Kerr is a Scottish landscape and nature photographer from Dunblane.

His love of the natural world is fused with a deep passion for representing that world in context and with the utmost respect and integrity.  He will always attempt to recreate the wonder of nature faithfully and, in his view, the wow factor should come from nature, not over-processing and digital manipulation.

He firmly believes that the true essence of great photography is the art, so that the final image not only looks pleasing to the eye, but also has real context, evokes emotion and inspires the human imagination.

Gareth Loughran - Ireland

2011-07-25 09.16.58.jpg

Full-time professional landscape and architectural photographer based in Limerick City, Ireland. He runs landscape, seascape, astrophotography and architectural photography workshops in Ireland and Internationally.

Gareth has been published nationally and internationally, interviewed for radio and has works permanently exhibited in various towns and National Discovery Parks. He is often asked to attend trade shows or present to camera clubs. He applies mindful techniques to his workshops, this feeling of being at one with nature allows you find that right moment to capture an image.  He can be found along the world’s longest costal route, the Wild Atlantic Way.

If your are starting out on your photographic journey or a pro looking for a fresh eye and you feel that he is able to help you with your photography, feel free to get in touch.


Eric Marks - United States

Hello, I am a landscape photographer and photography educator currently living in the mountains of Northern Georgia in the United States. 

I am about the biggest Tolkien and Lord Of The Rings fan you will ever meet, and photography allows me to harness and express my old soul, wild sense of imagination, and passion for creating art

Currently, I am blessed enough to be the owner of my company, Finding Middle Earth, where I teach photography, post processing, and how to find one’s inner artist. I also release many free videos on my YouTube channel where I have a wonderful audience of like-minded artists from all different journeys of life.


Claudio Morabito - Italy 

37 years old, Insurer and Photographer based in Napoli - Italy. Passionate about photography for over 20 years, I love travel and landscape photography. This always brings me to the search for new destinations and unique scenarios to be photographed, often using photo filters, to create impact effects for each photo.

Actually I manage 5 Facebook photo groups and one personal page. Management that leads me to creating and managing photo contest or event in my city and in my country.

My slogan is: Shooting is my drug! Backpack and tripod always ready to go out to take pictures


Dibs Mcallum- Norfolk

Dibs McCallum’s work is primarily based on photographing the British Isles. Initially he started to experiment with the way light fell on his images whilst photographing abandoned buildings, historical sites and decaying structures left behind from wars or conflicts. It was during this time he developed a passion for long exposure photography, he particularly likes the ambience it creates within his photography, and he finds it evokes a sense of mystery.

Having been awarded a 1st in his BA photography, Dibs is now studying for his Masters Photography Degree and working on a project documenting the remains of the Cold War in the United Kingdom, he spends a lot of time shooting long exposures of these remains and also of the industrial remains on our shorelines that he discovers.


Emily & Michael -

We are Emily and Michael of E&M Travel Photography. The both of us have been traveling the world and capturing landscapes together for 3 years now. We have been to some amazing places including Hawaii, New England, Florida, Nevada, Iceland, and Germany. Our passions are the ocean, mountains, sunrises and sunsets. The world is an amazing place full of incredible photographic opportunity that we are so happy to be able to capture through our photography.

Marcos Ribeiro.jpg

Marcos Ribeiro - Lisbon

Professional Photographer born and based in Lisbon, Portugal. He has started his passion photographing with his father as a hobby.

Suddenly what has started as a hobby turned into a full day job, putting aside his work in music industry where he always worked. He is specialized  in landscape, achitecture photography and portrait. Author of one book, published work in magazines, often his job is used also on online publications and websites, photography teacher, also organizes expeditions to photograph with his students.

With a large variety of tastes in photography he feels that all the areas that he likes makes him a better photographer and a non stop learner. He uses from the first day until today Format-Hitech filters.


Gaston Seijas -Uruguay

My name is Gaston Seijas and I am, a self-taught, Uruguayan based photographer born in 1999. I first grabbed a camera when I was 12 years old and since that moment I found myself constantly seeking for knowledge and experience. Landscape photography is my passion.

I have travelled to several locations including Iceland, Chile, The Bahamas, Mexico, Ireland, Scotland, England, Brazil and more. However, I also enjoy street photography and creating images with a deeper meaning.

I love this art and I will dedicate myself to it for as long as I live.


Andre Struik - Netherlands 

My name is Andre Struik, photographer from the Netherlands, My work focuses mainly on architecture and landscape black and white photography. To me, photography is an art form and more than freezing the moment. Capture the moments I see and translate that to my images. Besides photography I like to travel, going outside, enjoy nature and playing music.

My motto in life is “live if you were to die tomorrow, remember yesterday, think of tomorrow and learn as if you were to live forever!”. Grateful and respect to my wife who gave me a kidney in October 2015. For me a life in gifted time.

Chase Teron Photographer-1.jpg

Chase Teron - Canada 

Chase Teron is a Landscape & Travel Photographer from the Canadian Rockies. He is a hiker, scrambler and new to mountaineering.

Chase has traveled to over 25 countries and he loves to dive, ski, kayak. Most recently he sailed in Greenland on a photography and environmental expedition.

His upcoming photography expeditions include Canada (Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper, Yellowknife, Vancouver), Jordan & Egypt, Greenland and Norway.


Josh Tagi - Melbourne

I am a passionate landscape and nature photographer who has traveled to over 25 different countries around the world.

I love traveling to remote and lesser known locations where Mother Nature is at her most raw and beautiful. Seeing these beautiful places virtually untouched by human influences is what I truly live for and I love sharing photos of these locations with others. 

My dream is to turn my love of photography into a full time career where I can travel and capture photographs of this amazing planet we call home.




Joe Valencia - New jersey

I use photography not only as a means of self-expression but also as a way to reconnect with nature and my inner spirituality. Whether I am in the woods, or on the beach I can get lost in my thoughts and the splendor of nature.

My inspiration comes from the natural beauty around me and a deep desire to share it with the rest of the world. I feel privileged to witness a sunrise over the ocean or an egret in search of its next meal. Like most landscape photographers, Ansel Adams is one of my greatest influences.


Hamed Valizadegan

Hamed Valizadegan is a NASA scientist who enjoys photography as much as science.

He believes that science and art are the elements of a healthy and complementary cycle; one needs to practice art to become more creative in science and needs science to become better in Art. For him, photography is a tool to depart from the ordinaries of everyday life, and to see and represent the world in new and extraordinary ways.

His main area of photography is landscape and nature but he also enjoys street and portrait photography.

Tom Wood.jpeg

Tom Wood - North wales 

Tom is a Landscape Photographer living in North Wales. He began studying photography at Newcastle College in 1996 working with 35mm film. This led to working for newspapers and magazines shooting a wide range of subjects.

During extensive travel to Australia, Europe, Canada and the USA Tom came to the realisation that his true love of photography lay in Landscape. In 2009 Tom moved Llandudno in North Wales on the doorstep of Snowdonia National Park where he has been able to develop his own style in Landscape, Seascape and Long Exposure photography along side teaching workshops.