Star Wars Competition

In late 2016 I was lucky enough to spend some time with Formatt-Hitech Featured Photographer, and fellow Star Wars nerd, John Chapple who had left his Rebel base in LA to visit his home town in North Devon.

The first thing on our (my) agenda was sustenance. I treated John to some high quality local cuisine and he in turn treated me to the best ice-cream I've ever eaten (Hockings)




Following this we travelled to Northam Burrows, the location where, a couple of years ago, John shot the package photo for our entire Firecrest line of filters.

Now at this point you're probably thinking "Come on guys, it can't just be work, work, work.". Well you're right. One of the reasons for the meeting was to give John some time to try out our new Firecrest 100mm Filter holder (Spoiler: He loved it)

No photos please....

Now you can't put two Star Wars fans (have you seen what John is wearing?) in such a beautiful location without having some fun. So John turned his expert eye and camera to yours truly, who just so happened to have travelled down with a StormTrooper mask and hoodie.

Skip forward a few months and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was released and, as we provided Firecrest filters for use in the movie, John and I in partnership with some of our industry friends thought it might be fun to have a little competition. 

The Prizes

1 shot will win a Formatt-Hitech Signature Edition kit

1 Shot will win a digital download of Photoshop CC for Digital Photographers from PhotoshopCAFE (13 hours of training and their most popular download)

1 Shot will win either a 30x20 or 20 x 16 Alumni metal print of their choosing from Loxley Colour.  (FYI, prints on aluminium look AWESOME!)

The Competition

Click below to download the RAW files for the two images below and edit them in any way you want to create a funny/epic shot. 

The Rules

Post your completed shot to the Formatt-Hitech Facebook page with tags to us, John Chapple Photography, PhotoshopCAFE and Loxley Colour - no tags, no entry. 

All entries will be posted below and the three winning shots will voted on jointly by Formatt-Hitech, John, PhotoshopCAFE and Loxley colour. (No cash alternative to prizes)

Closing date for entries is 31/01/17

RAW Shot 1

RAW Shot 2

Entries so far.....