Brian Matiash is a professional photographer and published author based in Portland, OR. He specializes in landscape and travel photography and has spent the better part of a decade educating, empowering and inspiring photographers all around the world with the tutorials, videos, and stories found at the Matiash Store. Brian is privileged to closely partner with some of the world's best photography and technology companies, all of whom play vital roles in his creative workflow. Brian is a Sony Artisans of Imagery, a Zeiss Lens Ambassador, a Formatt-Hitech Featured Photographer, and a member of G-Technology's G-Team. He also contributes regularly to a variety of photography publications, both online and print. Admittedly, Brian has a (not-so) tiny obsession with long-exposure photography, ND filters and fisheye lenses. His passion is helping other photographers help themselves with their creative pursuits. 

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