Firecrest UV 400nm


Firecrest UV 400nm

from 29.06

Formatt-Hitech’s new UV filters with Firecrest coating are the single most effective tool available for eliminating UV contamination and increasing contrast and acuity in your images, while also providing protection for the front element of your valuable lenses. This 400nm UV filter offers the maximum UV protection available. The 400nm UV reduction is ideal of high altitudes and snow, while also making an excellent everyday UV filter. The 400nm is the choice of top professionals. Firecrest UV’s feature our exclusive Firecrest multicoating, that is both anti-reflective and hydrophobic, coated to broadcast quality glass in the thinnest rings on the market.


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UV Filters

© Elia Locardi

© Elia Locardi

UV haze. It’s a problem that photographers face everyday. Haze reduces the overall contrast of an image and is almost always the first environmental phenomena to ruin your chances of turning that landscape photograph into fine-art. Haze is caused by ultraviolet contamination on your digital sensor or film, and causes the image to appear faded blue, gray or milky.

Firecrest UV filters come in four variations:

  • UV Multicoated offers basic UV and lens protection.
  • UV 370nm is a premium filter with a defined UV cut at 370nm
  • UV 400nm offers the maximum UV reduction for shooting high altitudes and snow. Schott Superwite glass makes this the ultimate UV filter.
  • UV IR Cut is a specialty filter that reduces ultraviolet and infrared.

Firecrest Multicoating

Firecrest is a multicoating application for glass filters that is by far the most technologically advanced filter manufacturing process on the market. The Firecrest process is a hard-coated electrolytic process that is anti-reflective, scratch-resistant, and hydrophobic. Most importantly, Firecrest technology gives our scientists unprecedented control over modifying specific frequencies of the light spectrum.

SuperSlim and UltraSlim Rings

We manufacture our high quality aluminum rings to the most demanding tolerances, and these really slim rings minimize the chance of vignetting. 

UltraSlim rings are 3mm thin, but lack threads for stacking or a lens cap. 

SuperSlim rings are 5.5mm thin and have threads for stacking 

Firecrest UV Specs

  • Made from the highest quality Schott Superwite glass 

  • High quality aluminum rings are milled to the most demanding tolerances, and these exceptionally slim rings minimize the chance of vignetting

  • Firecrest filters are supplied in durable clam shell packaging. 

Circular Sizes SuperSlim & UltraSlim

39mm | 46mm | 49mm | 52mm | 58mm | 62mm | 67mm | 72mm | 77mm | 82mm | 95mm | 105mm | 127mm 

© Craig Richards

© Craig Richards