Variable ND Filter (Multistop)


Variable ND Filter (Multistop)

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The Variable ND is a specialty filter designed to allow quick and continuously variable adjustment of light attenuation between approximately 2-6 stops, depending on conditions. Variable ND filters are very popular with HDSLR filmmakers because they allow the cinematographer to quickly and precisely adjust exposure. The Variable ND is the quickest way to make exposure adjustments for the time constrained independent filmmaker. This filter uses a rotating ring to adjust filter density. Variable NDs are technically not NDs at all, but a combination of 2 specially designed polarizers which create an ND-like effect, meaning the filter has a slight polarizing effect. 

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Intro to Neutral Density

© Bart Heirweg

© Bart Heirweg

Neutral Density (ND) filters are the essential filters for digital photography and cinematography. ND filters reduce the amount of light entering the camera and allow the photographer to create the following effects:

  • Ethereal waterfalls and streams

  • Flat water effect in oceans and lakes

  • Streaky clouds

  • Motion blur in sports

  • Long exposures to remove people from public areas

  • Shallow depth of field using fast lenses wide-open

  • Adjusting aperture for cinematography 

Variable ND


The Variable ND filter is a Neutral Density effect (or fader) filter which allows the user to change the density without having to change filters. By simply turning the front of the filter, you can go from one stop of light reduction to as many as six stops dependent on conditions. This one filter can therefore be as versatile as a full set of ND standard filters in the right conditions. You can also exercise greater control when trying to achieve motion blur when using slower shutter speeds.  The front rotating element of the Variable ND is larger than the screw in element to allow even wide angle lenses to be able to use this filter without vignetting. The markings on the ring are intended as a guide only. Photographers should always test the filter before committing to their final shot.

The Formatt-Hitech Variable ND is made using the highest quality Scott broadcast glass and set in an aluminum filter ring.

Sizes Available

58mm | 62mm | 67mm | 72mm | 77mm | 82mm | 105mm