DJI Inspire ND Kit

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DJI Inspire ND Kit


The kit contains

ND 0.6 46mm

ND 0.9 46mm

ND 1.2 46mm

You save 60% compared to RRP with this Limited Edition Kit Compatible with the DJI ‘Inspire’ Drone or any camera with a 46mm threaded lens.

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Unique ‘Drone’ Kit

Our DJI ‘Inspire’ Drone Kit is designed around the needs of drone pilots, photographers and filmmakers.

The Filter kit uses our very best Firecrest Ultra filters which have incredible clarity and colour reproduction. The filters are made in a 46mm screw fit making them compatible with all drones accepting this thread size.

These neutral density filters give you total control over the shutter speed and aperture of the camera providing truly incredible cinematic results.

By blocking the light, you can now shoot at cinematic frame rates in almost any conditions or environments. This enables you to match the footage with other conventional Cinema and Broadcast Cameras for seamless transitions between shots.

These filters use all the technology of our amazing Firecrest Ultra 4mm filters but are a slimmed down version which are lightweight filters suitable for aerial filming.

Being IRND filters, they work across all spectrum's of light which includes the removal of infra-red image pollution, giving you the most accurate colours straight out of the camera, which removes the need for extensive correction in post editing. Used all over the world, this makes them perfect for professional pilots who need to provide the very best results in highly demanding situations.