Formatt Glass 4x5.65" Cinema Filter Bundle

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Formatt Glass 4x5.65" Cinema Filter Bundle


This bundle has been specifically designed using feedback from professionals working within the TV and Film Industry to give you all the filters your need to start your cinematic and broadcast projects.

Containing industry standard 4mm Panavision sized filters in a range of our most popular densities. They are compatible with most third party Matte Boxes which accept 4x5.65” filters.

These wide angle filters will work with most lenses and give you the flexibility to shoot the way you want to, so you don’t have to compromise your composition.

Our ‘World Class’ filters are made of the highest grade optical glass which is polished to precise computer controlled specifications. The filters undergo over 16 quality control procedures before we are happy to dispatch them!

The Cinema Kit Includes:

Formatt Glass ND0.3 (1 stop)

Formatt Glass ND0.6 (2 stops)

Formatt Glass ND0.9 (3 stops)

Formatt Glass Circular Polariser

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