Threaded Adapter for 67mm Aluminium Holder


Threaded Adapter for 67mm Aluminium Holder

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This adapter ring used to fit the 67mm holder to different thread diameters of your individual lenses. Formatt-Hitech adapter rings are milled from the highest quality aluminium in the UK.

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Why Choose a Holder System?

A holder system allows you to purchase one set of filters to fit all of your lenses. An inexpensive adapter ring is then used to fit the different thread diameters of your individual lenses. The holder system is quickly and easily removed allowing you to quickly compose your image, then gently install the holder before taking the photograph without the fear of altering the framing or focus. Holders allow filter stacking, plus rotation of horizon and vertical adjustment of graduated filters. Polarizers work with holder systems using an optional adapter ring. 

67mm Holder (discontinued)

Designed for mirrorless system cameras including the Leica M, Sony NEX, MFT, and Fuji. Fits a 77mm circular polarizer ring. 

Formatt-Hitech 67mm holder system features a rugged aluminum backplate, can accommodate two filters, plus an optional adapter ring for using a circular polarizer. The holder mounts to the adapter with a thumbscrew, meaning it attaches securely but can be attached or removed gently, without disturbing the lens. 

  • Milled from the highest quality aluminum
  • Accommodates up to 2 resin or Firecrest glass filters
  • Optional 77mm polarizer ring available