Formatt Hitech Filters
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Getting Started with Formatt-Hitech Filters for Photo

Formatt-Hitech manufacture a wide variety of filters in both circular screw-in and rectangular for holder systems. Using a holder system allows you to purchase a single set of filters to fit all of your lenses. Formatt-Hitech holder systems are available in 67mm for mirrorless system cameras, 85mm for consumer DSLR lenses, 100mm for professional DSLR cameras, and 165mm for the Lucroit wide-angle holder system. Filters are essential tools used by landscape, architectural, long-exposure, fashion, and fine-art photographers.

Formatt-Hitech for Cinema

ProStop IRND is the world’s most neutral dark ND, and is available between 1-8 stops in glass and 1-10 stops in resin. The filters are calibrated between densities, so you can change a filter density without altering the overall look of your project. This greatly simplifies the color grading process. For shooters on the go, choose the Variable ND.

Our Commitment to You

At Formatt-Hitech, we’re not just manufacturers, but we’re also dedicated photographers and cinematographers. We take our own projects very seriously and demand the most of our gear. We use our own filters everyday and are constantly soliciting feedback from top artists around the world. In this way, we can provide the highest quality product to support cutting edge photographers and cinematographers in achieving their artistic vision.