Firecrest Circular Polariser


Firecrest Circular Polariser

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Polarizers are essential filters for increasing the image quality of your outdoor photographs because they reduce atmospheric haze, increasing contrast between clouds and sky, and remove unwanted reflections from water, windshields, windows, and foliage. The Firecrest Circular polarizers are premium quality polarizers featuring our exclusive Firecrest anti-reflective multicoating providing your images will have the highest contrast and fidelity. Firecrest Circular Polarizers are housed in our precision milled SuperSlim or UltraSlim rotating polarizer rings.

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 © Jose Ramos

© Jose Ramos

The effect that polarizers have on photography is almost magical. Bright glaring reflections on water magically disappear. Foliage becomes deep and rich. Haze evaporates from the sky leaving clouds silhouetted against dramatic blue skies. Formatt-Hitech’s polarizers are of the finest available. The circular polarization pattern means that they work seamlessly with any digital sensor (linear polarizers from any manufacturer should be avoided when using CMOS sensors).

Firecrest Polarizers have the added benefit of a reflection reducing coating. This is especially important when using polarizers as often the polarizer is employed to remove reflections that are bearing down directly on the barrel of the lens. For this reason, Formatt-Hitech offers our revolutionary Firecrest anti-reflective coating for our polarizing filters. Firecrest coating protects against UV contamination, plus it reduces reflections, increases scratch resistance, and increases contrast and acuity.

Firecrest Multicoating

Firecrest is a multicoating application for glass filters that is by far the most technologically advanced filter manufacturing process on the market. The Firecrest process is a hard-coated electrolytic process that is anti-reflective, scratch-resistant, and hydrophobic. Most importantly, Firecrest technology gives our scientists unprecedented control over modifying specific frequencies of the light spectrum.

SuperSlim and UltraSlim Rings

We manufacture our high quality aluminum rings to the most demanding tolerances, and these really slim rings minimize the chance of vignetting. 

UltraSlim Polarizer UltraSlim Polarizer rings are 4.5mm thin, but lack threads for stacking or a lens cap. 

SuperSlim Polarizer SuperSlim Polarizer rings are 7.5mm thin and have threads for stacking 

Firecrest Polarizer Specs

  • Made from the highest quality Schott Superwite glass 

  • High quality aluminum rings are milled to the most demanding tolerances, and these exceptionally slim rings minimize the chance of vignetting

  • Firecrest filters are supplied in durable clam shell packaging. 

Circular Sizes SuperSlim & UltraSlim

39mm | 46mm | 49mm | 52mm | 58mm | 62mm | 67mm | 72mm | 77mm | 82mm | 95mm | 105mm | 127mm