Firecrest 2mm ND 13 & 16 stops


Firecrest 2mm ND 13 & 16 stops

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Firecrest ND is a revolutionary new type of ND filter from Formatt-Hitech. These filters use the new Firecrest ND coating technology to produce a super-dark 13 and 16 stop ND filters that are both very neutral and block infrared contamination. Firecrest is a rare earth metal coating used to create hyper neutral NDs. Firecrest Filters are neutral across all spectrums, including UV, visible, and infrared. 

For 100x100mm Firecrest ND Filters, please refer to Firecrest Pro 100mm.

  • 13 stops is popular when photographing near the sea where 2-3 minute exposures are ideal for transforming fast moving clouds and turbulent water into ethereal masterpieces.

  • 16 stops is the most popular density for long exposure photographers, who typically make exposures of 5-8 minutes.

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Intro to Neutral Density

© Bart Heirweg

© Bart Heirweg

Neutral Density (ND) filters are the essential filters for digital photography and cinematography. ND filters reduce the amount of light entering the camera and allow the photographer to create the following effects:

  • Ethereal waterfalls and streams

  • Flat water effect in oceans and lakes

  • Streaky clouds

  • Motion blur in sports

  • Long exposures to remove people from public areas

  • Shallow depth of field using fast lenses wide-open

  • Adjusting aperture for cinematography 

© Jose Ramos

© Jose Ramos

Firecrest ND is a quantum leap improvement over all previous generation ND and IRND products and represents the technological state of the art in scientific light modification. These glass filters are hyper-neutral across the visible light spectrum and also remove more IR contamination than any other filter - making them IRND filters. 

Firecrest is a radical departure in how ND filters are manufactured. Previous generation NDs were made by dying resin. Firecrest is not a dying process, it is a rare earth metal coating process that is applied directly to the glass through an electrolytic process.

On rectangular filters, the Firecrest coating is sandwiched between the finest Schott Superwite optical glass, increasing scratch resistance and longevity. Firecrest reduces all spectrums of light (UV, visible, near infrared and infrared) almost perfectly evenly.

Firecrest 13 & 16

The Firecrest ND 13 & 16 filters were developed as a direct response to demands of the world’s top long-exposure photographers. These filters use the new Firecrest ND coating technology to produce a super-dark ND filter that is both very neutral and blocks infrared contamination. 16 stops is the most popular density for artists like Joel Tjintjelaar, who typically makes exposures of 5-8 minutes. 13 stops is popular when photographing near the sea where 2-3 minute exposures are ideal for transforming fast moving clouds and turbulent water into ethereal masterpieces.

Formatt-Hitech’s groundbreaking new Firecrest technology finally allows filters this dense to be produced successfully. Even at 16 stops, the Firecrest 16 is far more neutral than our competitor’s 10 stop offerings. 

Independent Test Data

These graphs show test results from an independent test performed at The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS). The test measured the spectral power distribution of tungsten light reflected off a spectralon target made of barium sulfate using a Photo Research SpectraScan Model 705 spectroradiometer. The results were graphed according to their wavelength (in nanometers) along the X axis, versus radiance (in watts per steradian per meter squared) along the Y axis.

In the top graph, the yellow line represents the baseline tungsten light reading reflected off the barium sulfate target. This graph illustrates the excellent filtration properties of both the ProStop IRND (shown in green) and the Firecrest ND (shown in blue). Both filters appear nearly flat from this perspective.

Formatt_test_1-8_031114 copy.jpeg


The second graph emphasizes the differences between the two filters by removing the baseline tungsten reading and zooming-in on the Y axis. On closer inspection, the graph shows the ProStop IRND strongly attenuating the near-infrared spectrum before returning to neutral attenuation of the infrared spectrum around the 730nm mark. Firecrest (shown in blue) performs perfectly linearly in the visible light spectrum, before completely eliminating the infrared energy at around the 700nm mark. Compared to the ProStop IRND (which is the previous benchmark in IRND filtrations) the performance shown by Firecrest ND is nothing short of revolutionary. Firecrest ND truly is the future of ND filtration for digital sensors. Results in-the-field confirm the test data. The new Firecrest ND is amazingly neutral regardless of the camera make or model used.

Firecrest ND Filter Specs

© Robert Howell

© Robert Howell

  • 2mm Firecrest filters fit the full range of Formatt-Hitech aluminum holders as well as the Lucroit 100mm and 165mm holder systems.

  • Circular ND filters are made from Schott Superwite glass and feature stackable 5.5mm SuperSlim rings.

  • Firecrest filters are supplied in durable clamshell packaging.

  • 2mm filters in densities of 7 stops and higher also include a foam gasket which can be attached to prevent light leaks.

Densities Available

1 - 10 Stops | 13 Stops | 16 Stops

2mm Filter Sizes

85x85mm | 100x100mm | 150x150mm | 165x165mm

Circular Screw-in Sizes

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