Lucroit 100mm Holder Kit with Adaptor Ring


Lucroit 100mm Holder Kit with Adaptor Ring


The 100mm Lucroit Holder system is a holder system designed to provide maximum protection against reflections and flare with its modular barn door and flag accessories. The system also includes a unique adapter ring that connects the holder to the lens while also providing threads for a circular polarizer. (Front polarizing ring shown in image is sold separately)

This kit includes:

  • 100mm Lucroit holder
  • French flag
  • Barn doors
  • Snap-in filter slots for two 2mm filters
  • Adapter ring
Adapter Ring Size:
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100mm Lucroit Holder System

The Lucroit 100mm holder is a fully featured, lightweight and rugged holder system. The holder is a nice alternative to the Formatt-Hitech aluminum holder system with the added bonus of french flags and barn doors for controlling reflections and lens flare. The holder features snap-on filter holder slots that are removable and available with 2 or 3 slots.
The Lucroit 100mm holder system accommodates up to three 2mm filters or two 4mm glass filters, plus a polarizer using the optional polarizer adapter ring. The holder system is attached by snapping to Lucroit’s proprietary threaded adapter rings. Additionally, the step rings feature threads on both sized. When buying your ring, the first number is the thread size of the lens, the second number is the thread size of the polarizer.