Henthorne is an international award-winning artist who works in the medium of high contrast black and white fotography.  Influenced primarily by his passion for the oceans of the world, these intersections of ocean and earth provide the backdrop for his minimalistic ethereal visions of cumulative time.

Henthorne’s evocative fotographic work stems from eliminating variables of light direction, tide and composition to then fine tune his approach once on location. Nature and complexities of the weather become the arbiters of success versus failure.  Successful imagery comes not from serendipity, but from research long before the travel to a distant location.

His waterscapes are created using epic exposures that yield the minimalistic high-contrast works of art that have become his signature style.   His process captures cumulative time and the output offers the viewer an experience that the human eye is unable to capture on its own – an alternate perspective on reality.

Henthorne currently resides in Florida but spends many months abroad in his global travels capturing the intersection of ocean and earth.  His limited edition fotographic artworks are featured in many shows and private collections all over the world.

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