Joey Skibel has been a professional photographer for over twenty years. His assignments , both advertising and editorial, have taken him around the world for clients such as Canon USA, Ricoh Imaging, and Formatt Hitech Filters. 

His Photography has been used in global ad campaigns in both print and motion, most recently in (PDN & Rangefinder Magazine). His landscape images were to see in La Jolla, Newport Beach, Los Angeles California. 

Behind Most of Skibel's work is a passion for Nature and Conversation. This passion let to assignments in Latin America and Africa, where he recently spent an extended period in Namibia after he first trekked 1,000 kilometers across a region in South Africa, while serving as director of photography on a film about bringing awareness to the near extinction of the African Rhino. 

A proponent of new technologies, Skibel is now a Creative Master for Richo/Pentax imaging, creating imagery for ad campaigns as well as training the students of tomorrow in the capabilities of the cutting edge. 

He spends most of his time in the places people call wild. 

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Master Filter Kit, Ken Kaminesky Signature Edition
from 539.99

Click here for the improved Firecrest Ultra version of this kit.

The revised master filter kit is the complete neutral density, grad and polariser kit. This kit contains a complete selection of filters used for landscape, travel, fine-art, long exposure, and architectural photography. 

Kits Include: 

  • Firecrest ND 3.0 (10 stops)
  • Firecrest ND 1.8 (6 stops)
  • Firecrest ND 0.9 (3 stops)
  • Firecrest Soft Edge ND Grad 0.6 (2 stops)
  • Firecrest Soft Edge ND Grad 0.9 (3 stops)
  • 67 & 85mm Kits
    • Aluminium Holder
    • 67mm Kit:  39, 46, 52 & 62mm adaptor rings
    • 85mm Kit:  58, 67, 72 & 77mm adaptor rings
    • Polariser ring
    • Firecrest SuperSlim Circular Polariser
  • 100mm Kit
    • (NEW) Firecrest 100mm Filter Holder
      • Soft Touch Outer Case
      • 82-82mm Rotating Adaptor Ring
      • 67-82mm Step Ring
      • 72-82mm Step Ring
      • 77-82mm Step Ring
      • Firecrest 82mm Ultraslim polariser
  • Ken Kaminesky Booklet
  • Filter Pouches or clamshells
Holder Size:
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Resin 3 Piece Sunrise and Sunset Grad Filter Kit
from 60.00

This Grad Kit contains 3 of the most popular color grads used to enhance your landscape images- a Sunset 2, Blue 2 and Twilight 2 all in soft edge. Combine this with a reverse grad ND kit to give you the ultimate in sunrise and sunset effects.

  • The Sunset soft edge color graduated filter is graduated red, orange and yellow to give a dramatic sunset effect.
  • The Twilight soft edge color graduated filter is graduated from darkish blue at the top to a pink horizon.
  • The Blue soft edge color graduated effects filter creates a realistic cooling blue effect.

All 3 filters are available in 3 densities (1, 2, and 3) but for the kit we have chosen the most used density of 2. Soft edge grads have a gradual transition from clear to ND. Different graduated color filters can be used in combination together or with solid color or neutral density filters to give interesting bespoke effects. Formatt-Hitech filters are made from the highest quality 1.5mm optical resin.

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