Available in 100mm for full frame, 85mm for APS-C and MFT and 165mm for Super-wide lenses


The Firecrest 100mm Filter Holder - Part 1

This video is a comprehensive walkthrough of all of the components included in the Firecrest 1OOmm Filter Holder with an explanation of what each part does and how it all fits together.

Firecrest 100mm Filter Holder

  • Revolutionary new top and bottom covers to almost completely eliminate light leakage when shooting long exposure, with interchangeable end caps for use with 100x100 filters or 100x125/150mm graduated filters.

  • Built in low-profile gasket.

  • Adaptors / step rings come with the system as standard for all sizes from 67-82mm, and step rings for smaller lenses can be purchased separately (for lens threads 46mm, 52, 58 & 62mm)

  • Integrated top of the range Firecrest 82mm multicoated polariser comes as standard within the system. A unique geared mechanism allows for easy rotation whilst installed. The polariser can also be removed within its ring/adaptor for use as a screw in

  • 2 fixed filter slots which take 100mm filters

  • Extremely high quality lightweight aluminium design with extra oxidisation to reduce likelihood of scratching

  • The holder is designed for use with standard lenses and all standard wide angle/zoom lenses. For super-wide lenses the LucrOit 165mm system should be used.

Formatt Hitech 100mm Aluminium Holder

100mm is the choice for photographers using DSLR cameras with professional quality lenses. This system also works well for anyone using a full frame camera with a 16-35mm lens, including the Sony Alpha series and full frame DSLR cameras. The 100mm system is modular and features three filter slots. The rear filter slot includes a spacer that enables the use of 4mm glass cinema filters. This means that you can use specialized diffusion and other filters which are only made in glass. An optional 105mm polarizer ring can be fitted to the front of the holder.

Formatt Hitech 100mm Aluminium Adapters

Unique to the 100mm system is the option of a standard or wide angle adapter ring. The wide angle adapter ring is recessed to bring the holder system closer to the lens, reducing the chance of vignetting. Please note that the recess on the 82mm wide angle adapter ring is too small to fit some 70-200 or 80-200 lenses … but the last time we checked, those aren’t wide angle lenses. So choose a standard 82mm adapter for your long zoom lens.

Firecrest 85mm Holder Kit

Formatt Hitech 85mm Aluminium

Our Firecrest 85mm holder is constructed from high-quality lightweight materials; the body is aircraft grade matt anodised aluminium. The slots are made from a high-grade Nylon that cannot scratch your filters - both glass and resin.

The holder comes with a high grade full sized 77mm circular polariser. 
Operated from an independent side wheel for speedy composition and use without sacrificing control

This results in an extremely solid holder which weighs only 110g with circular polariser installed

The 85mm system has traditionally been seen as an entry level system for consumer DSLRs. However, this system is perfect for professional mirrorless cameras such as the Fuji X series and MFT cameras with wide lenses. The smaller size makes the filters easier to carry, less prone to camera shake from wind gusts, and lower in cost to purchase.

The 85mm system is modular and features three filter slots. An optional 95mm polarizer ring can be fitted to the front of the holder.

Lucroit Holder Systems

165mm Lucroit Holder

The Lucroit holder is specially designed for large-barrel wide-angle lenses such as the Canon TS-E 17mm or the Nikon 14-24 that otherwise lack a filter solution. The Lucroit holder uses donut adapters that fit over the lens to eliminate vignetting with these extreme wide angle lenses. Adapters are available for over 20 wide angle lenses, plus 77mm & 82mm threaded lenses. This Lucroit holder uses 165mm filters.

Holder vs Circular Screw in

The choice between using a holder system versus circular screw filters is a very personal decision, as you must weigh the benefits of each system. If you were to distill the differences down to their very essence, the core benefits are:

Holder System

  • Holder systems allow a single set of filters to be used on multiple lenses.

  • Holder systems allow for the vertical adjustment of graduated filters.

  • Formatt-Hitech holder systems can be removed and refitted to the lens without disturbing focus - critical for long exposure.

Circular Screw-In

  • Smaller, more unobtrusive filters.

  • Lightweight

  • Because they’re threaded directly to the lens, light cannot leak between filter and lens.