My obsession with photography began in January 2007, while searching my favorite time-killing site, Flickr. I stumbled upon a set of amazing images that were captured by an Austin, Texas-based photographer named Trey Ratcliff, otherwise known as "Stuck in Customs". Trey mastered and helped popularize a form of photography known as HDR (High Dynamic Range), which is widely practiced today by thousands of talented photographers. I was immediately drawn to the brightness, detail and overall intrigue of HDR photos. After reviewing his tutorial, I became addicted to practicing day after day, sunset after sunset. Even though I was shooting with a Canon point-and-shoot camera, I was able to produce beautiful images that further fueled my addiction.
With much practice and many purchases of "real" photography equipment, I feel that I have finally found my niche in the exciting world of photography. As my skills continue to mature, I am constantly attempting to master the art of many photography forms; from weddings, portraits and events to black and white, water and long exposure. The list of options available to aspiring artists is endless, and this is what intrigues me most about the art of photography: no matter how hard you practice or how many exposures you shoot, you will never be perfect. It is the dream of that elusive "perfect shot" that keeps us coming back for more, even though, as every photographer knows, there is no such thing.

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