Firecrest Bloom Gold

Size: 49mm
Density: 1/8
Ring Colour: Gold
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      Philip Bloom is a filmmaker Known for his pioneering work with DSLRs, his blogs, education and YouTube channel.
      He has worked as a cinematographer and cameraman for Lucasfilm, CNN, SKY, BBC and many more.
      Philip has been a leader in camera reviews and development for many years, advising some of the largest camera companies. Formatt Hitech is proud to be partnering with Philip on "bloomGold", which Philip calls "the most beautiful diffusion filter I've ever used."

  • Effect: Gold-flecked filter with the strongest impact among Soft filters
  • Image Enhancement: Smooths skin, halates the images, and adds a subtle warm tone, creating a vintage feel.
  • Subtle Effect: The filter produces a subtle enhancement that complements skin tones even in cool colour temperature environments
  • Retained Contrast: While providing its unique effects, the filter retains contrast in the image

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Phil Eastabrook
Subtle, nice on skin

I got this (1/4) primarily for a project where I really needed a lot of effect, i.e a dollhouse come to life. The 1/4 definitely isn’t enough for that special case scenario (the 1/2 wasn’t available at short notice and I think I probably needed two 1/2s for what I’m ending up doing in post) but the other tests I’ve done are demonstrating a subtle enhancement of skin tones and halation in a way I find more pleasing than black or even warm black pro mist and I’m looking forward to using it on many more shoots.

Bruce Watson
Great filter, handle with care

Bought this filter on the back of Philip Bloom's own video on his YouTube channel. I bought the 1/8 filter for my Lumix 50mm f1.8 and it works as advertised. Lovely blooming around light sources to make them look less digital and more filmic and my lens definitely hasn't lost any sharpness. Losing harsh sharpness on faces has also been beneficial.

Not perfect though. At night, some extra refraction will sometimes give extra reflections in your imagr, especially noticeable at Christmas and if you're trying to shoot at an angle to the light.

The other problem I had was during a rainy shoot. I was drying the filter often with a circular motion and managed to unscrew the little ring that holds the glass in, so it fell apart! Not sure if this was because it wasn't fitted perfectly with enough force at the factory or whether I was just too exuberant with my cleaning. The glass fell out and onto the ground mid-shoot! Managed to piece it together though and continue. Thankfully, only one minor scratch occurred.

The filter does look great on the end of the lens... I went for the gold version and it looks like a little gold crown 😂 Gives my S5ii the King status it deserves 😉

Overall, would definitely buy again. Just be careful cleaning it!

Al Summers

Really impressed with the results

Loving it.

Recently I bought Philip Bloom’s “Firecrest Gold Bloom” filter with a effect strenght of 1/8. This filter is amazing. It makes your footage look way more like actual film. The highlights bloom gorgeously and I even prefer this filter over my other ones (tiffen black promist). If you want an amazing filter made with great quality check out the Firecrest bloom gold filter for sure!

Fionn McArthur
Superb product

Received my 1/8 filter around two weeks ago. I've used it on a number of jobs already and am delighted with the results.

I generally shoot video on prime lenses, which I love, but which can be a little too sharp for flattering features on subjects. The filter just knocks a little of that oversharpness off the image, giving a much more pleasing result.

It also works great on landscapes, giving a slightly softer, less digital look, without any hint of 'mushiness'. I expect I'll shoot 90% of my footage with this filter on now, so may well invest in several more and simply use them as a 'replacement' for my UV filters, as general lens protection.

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