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The Giving Lens Peru

Peru: ancient, mysterious, stunning. Soaring peaks and carved valleys lead the way to a bucket list topper: Machu Picchu. Combined with wandering the cobbled streets of Cusco, and spending precious time with the amazing kids at Picaflor, this trip is a slam dunk. We are so excited to be sending our fourth team to this amazing place! We’re thrilled to be sending the team with last year’s leader, Peyton Hale, and our newest member of the TGL tribe, the unbelievably talented Jeff Bartlett!

We will be taking another team of photographers to the ancient city of Cusco, Peru, to work alongside Picaflor House! Picaflor House works tirelessly to provide a safe place for children who are struggling in Cusco. Whether from the street, or orphaned, or otherwise, Picaflor House offers food, education, and a safe place to any child who needs it.