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Lightroom 5 Basic set up and Editing Course

This Lightroom 5 course is as basic as I can make it. I have been asked over and over again to show people how to set up and use Lightroom for their editing. Most people that ask me can’t work out how to set Lightroom up or work out how to use it. Some use Photoshop but can’t get their heads around Lightroom. People I have spoken to can’t cope with the online tutorials and want a jargon free lesson that gets to the basics. They just just want to learn how to set up Lightroom on their computers and edit their images.

If this sounds like you then this is the course you need.

For this course you will need Adobe Lightroom 5 loaded on to a laptop. The course is not MAC based but if you only have a MAC, support will be provided on the day.