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Car Studio Live Shoot with Tim Wallace

  • Junction Eleven Studios Banbury OX16 3TA UK (map)

Tim is very well known within the automotive industry for his creativity and open approach with a unique strong style of work and creative approach that inspires not only his clients but also their customers, something that was reflected recently when he was awarded, 'International Commercial Advertising Photographer of the Year' and 'Car Photographer of the Year' at the Industry Awards. He is today regarded as a leading automotive photographer within the industry and a renowned creative who is extremely passionate about the 'craft' of photography.

Tim - “Photography is not a career its an obsession, the desire to create and do something inspiring that is worth remembering is very important to me, being out there shooting is where things happen…"

Tim's work has been published all over the World and he has been refereed to as one of most creative photographers within his specialised field of commercial automotive photography. In the US Scott Kelby described Tim recently as one of the 10 most influential photographers in the World today and also a man who greatly inspires others, not only within his own industry but beyond. Tim's view of all this is a little more straight forward, a man who's very well known for his down to earth attitude, his feet are very firmly on the ground. His desire to produce creative work is one that has driven him from a very young age at the point he first picked up a camera, "Photography is for me simply a creative passion, the ability to use light and form to capture in a single solitary image what I see within my own imagination at that point in time…”

Car photography is, as most that have tried it will testify, complex in its nature at time with many lighting issues to overcome along the journey with light falling onto highly reflective curved surfaces. The work of Tim Wallace is globally recognised to be not only of a highly creative style and flair but also Tim is very well known for achieving much of his photography ‘in camera’ with the clever and adoptive use of lighting. 

This is a Studio based class at the infamous Junction 11 Studios near Banbury, the home of many high end Pro car shoots for such people as Aston Martin, Jaguar and Land Rover and  is a rare chance to spend a day working within such a studio with one of the worlds leading car photographers. 

You will be shooting and starting the process from scratch as Tim walks you through each step. You will be look looking at shape, form and light and how they relate to each other, the issues that we are faced with when lighting a multi-angled reflective surface at a professional level. Working with multiple lights we will learn more of how light has a direct impact on what transposes through to our final image. During this studio shoot day we will also be looking at different techniques that we can deploy to get a range of lighting effects using continuous lighting for our car photography and also how these are very different to working with traditional strobes. 

During this seminar Tim will be talking through and demonstarting continous lighting as an introduction, how it works, how he applies that and how we can use such lighting for creating some truly great professional standard images. 

Tim will also be demonstrating and talking through light modifiers, strobe flash for such work as detail shots and what can be achieved with these, as well as how to use them to best affect and creatively regardless of you having several lights at your disposal or just one. 

This seminar is car based but the lessons learned and demonstrated in this session can be applied to shooting a wide range of subjects such as people and products.

This class is both and is aimed at people who would like to learn a little about lighting progressing from hand held flash guns to those that have experience in working with professional studio strobe and wish to take their lighting further. 

Suggested equipment to bring 

Digital Camera (Any Brand)

Lenses – Suggested focal range of 35mm to 80mm (DLSR focal lengths)

Memory cards


Cable / Remote release 

Notebook and pen

There will be some Fujifilm X Series Cameras & Lenses available to test out on the day if you wish. You do not need a Fuji X Series camera to attend these courses

Lunch will be provided

To be delivered at 12.15 for a 12.30 lunch break Selection of sandwiches & Wraps
Mini Quiches selection
Honey & Mustard sausages

Chicken Skewers and dipping sauce

Fig & Goats cheese parcels
Vegetable chips
Fruit Platter
Afternoon tea & Cake

When booking this course you will be required to pay the full amount up front, which unfortunately can not be refunded if there is a cancellation, so please make sure that you are definitely able to attend. Once you have booked and paid the full amount for this module, you will receive confirmation of your booking via email. Closer to the start date of the module, you will receive an email as a reminder of the date and time you will need to attend, and also a list of items that you will need to bring along with you. We ask that everyone attending is respectable of the tutor and also the other attendees. Any inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave. If the tutor is unable to attend on this day, due to unforeseen circumstances, then a full refund will be given. All prices are VAT exempt. 

Ticket Price: £199

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