Black Supermist Circular filters

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Size: 67mm
density: 1/8
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These Circular versions of the Black Supermsit are ideal for people starting out in cinematography or uses of gimbals and other rigged camera equipment.

Black Supermist softens the fine detail and reduces the contrast, but is more subtle than a standard Supermist with less lightening of shadow areas. It still has the same effect of causing lights to bloom and halate depending on the density of the filter.

Black Supermist remains Formatt Hitech’s most popular diffusion filter, giving a modern cinematic look on a wide range of cameras from Blackmagic Pocket to Arri Alexa and Sony Venice.

Made using a unique process of a resin matrix between lapped and polished Schott B270i Optical glass the Black Supermist has industry-leading performance and clarity at an incredibly low price.

Designed and manufactured in the UK.

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Lee Foxall
I'll keep it short....

Very nice filter for a decent price. Thank you!

About Diffusion

‘On-Camera’ diffusion is a wonderful tool for removing the ‘digital’ look of modern-day cameras. A mild diffusion filter is very often the choice of Cinematographers because it flatters the skin tones of actors. Formatt Hitech having been making a range of diffusion filters for the last two decades.

They have a significant advantage over using vintage optics in that they can be reliably repeated across cameras and lenses. They are also more versatile with modern lenses and the effect can be added instantly, but also removed, giving a filmmaker more flexibility. The wide range of density also allows for a Cinematographer to dial in just the right amount of effect on set.

While it is true many effects can be added in post-processing, this is a slower and often costly exercise. With a filter, you are getting instant onset feedback giving the Director and the Cinematographer the ability to bake the effect into the image. Optical filters also interact with what is actually there, without the need to do complex grades and use tracking nodes, they give an instant representation of the lights within a space and interact with them in an organic analogue way.

There are generally four types of diffusion filters:

  • Creating romantic moods or period drama images by reducing picture contrast in the lowering of the whites.
  • Increasing the levels of black exposure by using low contrast or black fog filters.
  • Complexion or image softening filters by altering the resolution to mask blemishes, wrinkles or skin imperfections.
  • Refractive filter that affects mostly the highlights creating halation.

always with me - Shot on Sony Venice from Antonio De Rosa, AIC-IMAGO on Vimeo.

One night,

One actor,

One lens,

Great team!

Thanks to Amedeo Andreozzi and Giulia, thanks to my Ludovica, Lorenzo Lattanzi and Davide Faustico.

Thanks to Paolo Sodi, Sony Europe, Flavio Trezzi, Cameraservice Group

Music performed by Francesco Ruoppolo Graded by Ciro Ascione VFX by Domenico Giampaglia

Shot on incredible Sony Venice with Fujinon MK 18-55

Formatt Hitech Black SuperMist 1/4 and light up with Aputure LS 120d.

Aroma from Antonio De Rosa, AIC-IMAGO on Vimeo.

Directed by : Mattia Trezza

Cinematographer : Antonio De Rosa, AIC

Music : Mattia Vlad Morleo

Thanks to Lorenzo Lattanzi and Simone Lenzi.

Thanks to David Lutwyche from Formatt Hitech and Menno Propitious from Aputure.

Cast : Eleonora Trezza

ARoma is the portrait of a young girl visiting Rome who admires the beauties of the Pincio and Villa Borghese.

The beauty of the character combined with the beauty of the place create a magical partnership.

Shot on ARRI ALEXA with Formatt Black Supermist and Aputure 120D with lantern.

Come tu mi vuoi from Antonio De Rosa, AIC-IMAGO on Vimeo.

Thanks to Gina and her nice idea.

I loved to shoot something special like this.

Thanks to Mattia Trezza, Lorenzo Lattanzi, Fabrizio Davì and Massimiliano Timo.

Thanks to my Ludovica.

Thanks to ACD Production, Lorenzo, Giuseppe and Giovanni and also to David Lutwyche from Formatt Hitech and Menno Propitius from Aputure Light.

Shot with Formatt Hitech Black Supermist 1/4 and Aputure LS 120d.

Cold_Isolation by David_Fesliyan

Royalty free music from

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Not Sure Where to Start?


A bigger polariser giving you a wider view

With recent developments in optical design, it has become more common for lenses to have larger threads. To accommodate these advancements we have expanded our CPL (circular polarising filter) to 86mm. This means wider compatibility and better performance on a range of new wide-angle lenses. It also makes it compatible with a range of cinema lenses such as the Tokina 11-20MM T2.9.

The polariser can be fitted into either included rotating ring adapter, and becomes an integral part of the holder. The polariser is operated with an easy to use thumbscrew. This allows you to set your grads and then dial in the exact

polarising effect you want. Due to its free movement, this means you can leave the polarising filter (CPL) attached at all times and simply turn off the effect if not wanted. The construction of the filter also means you can use the CPL filter as an independent filter without the need of the holder.

More step rings, more flexibility.

For improved performance on an even wider range of lenses, the holder now ships with two rotating adapters as standard. These adapters allow the lens to sit closer to the filters helping with wide-angle photography. The kit

includes an 86mm - 86mm rotating adapter and a 86mm - 82mm adapter. For best performance on 77mm and smaller wide-angle lenses, it is recommended to use the included step rings from the 86-86mm rotating adapter.

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