About Formatt Hitech

Formatt Hitech has been manufacturing filters for more than a quarter of a century. Formatt’s ongoing research and development into glass filters were originally set up by Reginald Morris. Grandfather to the company founder, who for many years was chief physicist at Kodak, helping develop what is now known as the Kodak Wratten standard. This remains the worldwide standard in technical colour correction and stands as a benchmark in all Formatt Hitech filter production today.

Formatt Hitech follows this tradition in making the most advanced photographic and cinematic filters on the market with an excellent reputation for colour reproduction and build quality. Formatt Hitech is known in the cinema field for its excellent performance and has become the filter of choice for many of the world largest prestige projects including Rogue One A Star Wars Story, Solo A Star Wars Story, Dune, The Batman, Black Adam and Shazam 2.