Seascape Kit Onyx 85mm

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The Seascape Kit from Formatt Hitech has been specifically designed with coastal photography in mind. We asked our seascape ambassadors which filters they would most like to see included in the kit.

They replied 0.9 GND (3 Stop Grads) and a 1.8 (6 stop ND). The Grads make it possible to balance the exposure of the sky with the sea, while the 6 stop ND can be used to create a subtle movement to long exposures depending on the light.

The inclusion of a Hard Grad and a Soft Grad makes the kit ideal for all coastal imagery, whether it be flat or a rough horizon. The Hard Grad can also be used to make very dramatic images right against the horizon of the ocean.

Kit contents;

  • Firecrest 85mm holder kit with included 77mm circular polarising filter

  • Onyx ND 1.8 ( 6 Stop ) 85mm x 90mm x2mm

  • Onyx Hard Grad 0.9 (3 Stop) 85mm x 110mm x2mm

  • Onyx Soft Grad 0.9 ( 3 Stop) 85mm x 110m x 2mm

  • Special booklet by Formatt Hitech Ambassadors

  • Luxury Multi Pouch

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